Solar Heating & Hotwater

Solar thermal heating is just as its name suggests – hot water heating for the home.
Solar heating systems do not use flat panel photovoltaic cells but instead use either evacuated tubes, flat plate collectors or a combination of both.

The systems work by capturing the energy of the sun and then heating the water that is passed slowly through pipes inside the collectors. The process is fully automated and continues until the water in the collection cylinder has reached its preset temperature.

Solar heating systems are dependent on the strength of the sun and although they work all year round, they will need supplementing in the cold winter months. This is compounded because solar thermal systems are also affected by outside air temperature.

Please remember that solar heating systems only heat water for use in the home and do not generate electricity for appliances. They therefore cannot participate in the Government’s Feed-in Tariff scheme.

Solar thermal heating systems demand several meters of roof space that is either south facing or in direct sunlight for most of the day. Alternatively they can be fixed to a frame in the garden.

Most solar heating systems do not need planning permission but if you live in a listed building it is advisable to consult your local authority.

Solar heating services

We offer a full range of solar thermal heating systems including systems large enough for supplying the solar heating needs of a sizable family home.

We also provide services including initial evaluation and specification right through to installation and servicing.

For further information and a free home technical survey please call 0800 316 9560

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